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Their symmetry and bright colors boost the aesthetics of places you occupy improving mental wellbeing as well as cognitive performances. Arranged flowers are not only used for decorative purposes, but have assigned symbolic meanings thus expressing feelings more effectively than words. People from different cultures around the world have offered flowers as gifts and continue to do so right up to the present day.

Bloomax Flowers has access to a wide variety of fresh cut flowers from all over the world and works closely with growers to meet our customers' need for long lasting flowers. As one of the leading wholesale distributors of fresh cut flowers, we are proud of our achievements so far and sincerely express our gratitude for your ongoing support. We constantly strive to introduce fresh and beautiful products that look good and make you feel good while remaining respectful to diverse World Cultures

Bloomax Flowers proudly delivering happiness to the people of Saudi Arabia and the World as a whole

Also we are dealing, Chrysanthemum Rose , Deco, Deco Spider , Solidago , Gypsophila , Carnation , Strelitzia , Lillium oriental , Anthurium , Calla , Gerbera , Gladiolus and Tuba Rosa. And Green Leaves : Monstera, Salomi, Dracena, Fougeres, Asparagus.etc..

Why Our Fresh Cut Flowers?

  • Wide array of flowers

  • Kept fresh and natural until delivery

  • Easy availability of all varieties throughout the year

  • Competitive pricing policy

  • Best in terms of quality

  • Longer life compared to others flowers available in the market

  • Ideal to adorn any joyous occasion or social function

  • Takes negativity away and instills the feeling of positivity and optimism

  • Packed in standard and jumbo boxes

  • Fresh and beautiful packing

  • Long term and stable supply