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Their symmetry and bright colors boost the aesthetics of places you occupy improving mental wellbeing as well as cognitive performances. Arranged flowers are not only used for decorative purposes, but have assigned symbolic meanings thus expressing feelings more effectively than words. People from different cultures around the world have offered flowers as gifts and continue to do so right up to the present day

Bloomax Flowers has access to a wide variety of fresh cut flowers from all over the world and works closely with growers to meet our customers’ need for long lasting flowers. As one of the leading wholesale distributors of fresh cut flowers, we are proud of our achievements so far and sincerely express our gratitude for your ongoing support. We constantly strive to introduce fresh and beautiful products that look good and make you feel good while remaining respectful to diverse World Cultures

Bloomax Flowers proudly delivering happiness to the people of Saudi Arabia and the World as a whole

Also we are dealing, Chrysanthemum Rose , Deco, Deco Spider , Solidago , Gypsophila , Carnation , Strelitzia , Lillium oriental , Anthurium , Calla , Gerbera , Gladiolus and Tuba Rosa. And Green Leaves : Monstera, Salomi, Dracena, Fougeres, Asparagus.etc..

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Cala Lily
Lucky Bamboo
Asiatic Lily

Chairman's Message

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and understanding of our group especially Bloomax Flowers. Our most wise and inspired leadership has formulated a carefully planned, long-term development strategy full of visionary aspirations, attainable goals and prolific promise. A strategy so compelling as to be wholeheartedly embraced by the people of Saudi Arabia today through a simple visualization of the future growth and evolution.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, yet we constantly strive to reach new heights of excellence by introducing fresh and beautiful products, always remaining respectful of our proud Arab culture. It has been a life-enhancing journey, a travel littered with soul-discovering experiences, a distance so long yet still far from the final destination. But our horizon is clear, our directions chartered and our compass, the plan of Al Khaldi group, firmly guides our steps.

We are paving the way and this online resource is your gateway to this exciting journey. I am sure Saudi Arabia's future fragrance will starts from Bloomax' in all occasions.

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Head Quarters

Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Road.

Near Kids Kitchen

P Box No. - 12223 - 7883 - Riyad

Mob- +966 53 133 1173


Madina Almunawara

Aws Bin Thabith Str. 2616

Opp. Masjid Jumua - Hayyal Bahar

Phone- +966 14 869 0656

Mob- +966 53 908 8612


Prince Sulthan bin Abdul Azis road

Mob- +966 53 908 8611

Fax- +966 11 293 5666


Usman bin Affan Road.

Opp. Mahatha Shellal Hai - Al Ermok

Qassim - Onaiza

Phone- +966 16 362 6111

Mob- +966 53 908 8614


Akrabiya,Al Khobar

Mob- +966 53 908 8613

Fax- +966 13 898 7779


King Faisal Road.

Near Barzan Market

Mob- +966 53 908 8616

Hafar Albatin

King Khalid Road.

Mob- +966 53 908 8615